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    Welcome to KL Tyre Shop

    Hi everyone, welcome to KedaiTayarPro car rim supply and Setapak KL tyre shop website. In this web page, the visitor can obtain the contact detail to make the enquiry about the car tyre and rim supply. At the same time, the KedaiTayarPro tyre shop will try the best to share the info about the tyre and rim. Hence, the car owner will understand more info about car tyre and rim upgrade solution. Furthermore, KedaiTayarPro will try to assist the car owner to select car tyre and also rim. This is because KedaiTayarPro is a tyre shop and car rim supply vendor in Kuala Lumpur.

    Car Rim Supply & Install Malaysia

    KedaiTayarPro is a car rim supply and rim installation service provider in Malaysia. This is because KedaiTayarPro is having the knowledge about car tyre and suspension system. Hence, KedaiTayarPro wish to provide practical solution for car rim and car tyre upgrade. Thus, KedaiTayarPro is offering the car rim supply and installation services in Setapak, KL Malaysia. As a result, the car owner will has another car tyre shop for rim selection and handling system upgrade.

    Setapak KL Tyre Shop

    Literally, KedaiTayarPro is a Setapak KL tyre shop. Additionally, KedaiTayarPro6000 is specializing in providing the services to maintain the car handling system. Hence, the car owner can visit KedaiTayarPro to repair and fix the car tyre problem. Furthermore, KedaiTayarPro Setapak KL tyre shop is providing practical tyre change services. Nevertheless, KedaiTayarPro6000 is a car rim supply and install specialist. Hence, the car owner can change their tyre and upgrade the car rim or suspension system in Setapak KL.

    KedaiTayarPro KL Tyre Shop Services

    In Setapak Kuala Lumpur, the car owner will visit the KedaiTayarPro to service and change the car tyre. Furthermore, the car owner will also upgrade the rim and suspension system. Generally, KedaiTayarPro6000 is providing the services as below:

    • Car Rim Supply
    • Car Rim Setup And Installation
    • Tyre Check
    • Car Tyre Change And Installation
    • Suspension System Upgrade

    Enkei Car Rim Supply Malaysia

    Nevertheless, KedaiTayarPro is a enkei car rim supply and install specialist in Malaysia. Hence, KedaiTayarPro will provide Enkei rim supply and installation solution for the car owner. Generally, Enkei is a popular brand from Japan. This is because Enkei has high quality light weight performance rim. Furthermore, Enkei rim has beautiful design. Thus, Enkei has a lot rim options which is able to fit the car appearance and mechanical requirement.

    KL Tyre Shop - Enkei Rim Supply And Install

    OZ Car Rim Supply Malaysia

    On the other hand, KedaiTayarPro KL tyre shop is providing OZ rim supply and installation service in Malaysia. This is because OZ rim is durable and light. Generally, OZ is an Italian brand which is supplying a lot of alloy rim for car and motorsport racing. Nevertheless, the OZ rim has beautiful Italian design. Hence, the OZ rim is able to match with the car exterior perfectly. Furthermore, OZ rim is light and strong. Thus, the OZ rim will able to reduce wheel rotation inertia effect.