Cheap Perodua Axia Tyre Price – Goodyear, Michelin, Continental CC6 Tyre

Cheap Perodua Axia Tyre Price In The Car Tyre Shop Near Kuala Lumpur

Intro About Cheap Perodua Axia Tyre Price

Perodua Axia onwner can enjoy cheap Perodua Axia tyre price in the car tyre workshop. This is because cheap and affordable Perodua Axia tyre price is one of the key factor to attract the car owner. As a reference info, the competition in between the car workshop is very high. Additionally, some Axia owner will feel less burden if the Perodua Axia tyre price is cheap and more affordable. Thus, the car tyre shop is preparing a list of affordable and cheap Perodua Axia tyre price and tyre selection.

Literally, affordable car tyre price is a solution to reduce the car owner burden by reducing the tyre changing cost. Furthermore, cheap Perodua Axia tyre price is able to help the car tyre shop to attract more Axia owner attention. Hence, affordable and reasonable tyre price offer is a win-win solution for Axia owner and car tyre workshop. Thus, the tyre shop is continue offering affordable tyre price list for the customer and people who need more affordable tyre selection.

Perodua Axia Cheap tyre selections and options
Axia tyre price and tyre size reference info

Reference List For Cheap Perodua Axia Tyre Price And Selections

As a reference info, most of the Perodua Axia are using 14inch rim. Thus, 14inch tyre is the most common tyre selection for the Perodua Axia. On the other hand, Perodua has supply an Axia model which is using 15inch rim. Hence, Axia ( model Style ) in Malaysia are using 15inch car tyre.

For 14inch tyre, Perodua is recommending the Axia owner to use the tyre with 175/65R14 tyre code. This is because the Perodua Axia stock rim is most suitable to use 175/65R14 tyre. While Perodua Axia ( Style ) which has 15inch stock rim is good to use 185/55R15 tyre.

Generally, the reference price list which are including cheap and premium tyre options for Perodua Axia.

14inch Tyre Selection And Reference Price

  • Goodyear 175/65R14 (DP-D1): RM140-155
  • Continental CC6 175/65R14: RM 150 – RM165
  • Michelin PS3 175/65R14: RM185 – RM195

The Reference List of 15inch Tyre Selection

  • Goodyear 185/55R15 Assurance Triplemax 2 : RM165-180
  • Michelin 185/55R15 PS3: RM250 – 265
  • Michelin 185/55R15 XM2: RM235-250
  • Continental 185/55R15 CC6: RM185-205

** Perodua Axia ( Style ) is having 15inch stock rim and good to use 15inch car tyre.

Perodua Axia and Tyre Code Reference Info

Axia is a segment A hatchback. Literally, Perodua Axia is the most popular segment A hatchback which Perodua has ever made and supply. This is because Perodua Axia has relatively affordable and low selling price. Thus, Perodua has successfully made Axia to become a less burden to own hatchback in Malaysia.

Additionally, Perodua Axia is popular because of its durability and practicality. Generally, Perodua has work together with Daihatsu and Toyota to design and make Axia. Hence, Axia has a lot of parts and mechanical design which has promising durability. Furthermore, the platform design and engine of Axia is from Toyota and Daihatsu. Thus, Axia owner is happy to pay a reasonable price for owning such a nice hatchback.

Furthermore, Perodua Axia is nice because its weight is light and having a 1000cc Daihatsu engine. Hence, Perodua Axia driving pleasure is nice and practical for city and urban drive. Nevertheless, the car weight and engine combination has made Axia to become a fuel economy car.

On the other hand, the maintenance cost for Perodua Axia is relatively low. This is because most of the spare part are from local manufacturer. Besides, most of the Axia are 14 inch car tyre which is a more affordable tyre options. As a result, Perodua Axia owner will feel less burden and easy to maintain their Axia mechanical condition.

As an additional information, Perodua Axia owner can refer the tyre code as below:

  • 14inch car tyre: 175/65R14
  • 15inch car tyre: 185/55R15 **

** The 15inch tyre code is a reference info for Perodua Axia (Style)

Hence, Axia owners which are having stock rim may refer the tyre code info as above. Generally, tyre shop will regularly offer a cheap Perodua Axia tyre price list for the car owner.

Goodyear DP Tyre

Goodyear DP-D1 - Cheap tyre options for Perodua Axia

The Goodyear DP-D1 tyre is one a favorite tyre options of Perodua Axia owner. This is because the Goodyear DP-D1 tyre is a very good tyre. Furthermore, Goodyear has successfully made and supplied DP-D1 tyre with a affordable price range.

As a reference info, Goodyear is popular and reputable tyre manufacturer. This is because Goodyear has huge and very experienced tyre R&D team. In other words, Goodyear has the technology and advance manufacturer facilities to make high quality tyre. Furthermore, Goodyear know how to control the tyre manufacturing cost and make very nice 14inch and 15inch tyre.

Hence, the Goodyear DP tyre can perform very nice on wet and dry road surface. Additionally, the durability of Goodyear DP tyre is promising. Thus, Axia owner who require the car tyre which has cheap Perodua Axia tyre price will prefer Goodyear DP-D1 tyre.

Michelin PS3 Tyre For Axia

Michelin PS3 Tyre As Premium tyre selection for Perodua Axia

PS3 tyre is a very popular Michelin passenger car tyre. Hence, Mercedes, BMW and Tesla have recognized the quality and performance of Michelin PS3 tyre. Thus, these huge car manufacturer have equipped several car model with Michelin PS3 tyre.

Generally, Michelin PS3 tyre price tag is relatively not cheap when comparing the Perodua Axia tyre price range. However, some Perodua Axia owners are preferring to use Michelin PS3 tyre because of PS3 tyre performance. Furthermore, Michelin PS3 tyre is quality is very high. Hence, Perodua Axia owner who like PS3 tyre feel worth to pay for much higher tyre price.

As a reference info, Michelin PS3 tyre is having asymmetric tyre tread. Hence, the driving pleasure of the car which has PS3 tyre is relatively good. This is because asymmetric tyre tread can enhance the car handling performance and steering response.

Additionally, the anti-surf feature of PS3 tyre is playing the role to improve the tyre performance on wet surface. Generally, Michelin PS3 tyre can effectively evacuate the water on the wet surface. In other words, Michelin PS3 tyre has good hydroplaning resistance to perform nicely on wet road surface. Furthermore, Michelin PS3 tyre is popular with its ability at corner. This is because the tread design and material of Michelin PS3 tyre can improve the tyre grip. As a result, Michelin PS3 tyre is well known as a higher performance car tyre selection for Perodua Axia.

Continental CC6 tyre For Perodua Axia

harga tayar Continental CC6 yang murah dan berpatutan di kedai tayar kereta

When changing the car tyre, most of the Axia owner will consider Continental CC6 tyre. This is because Continental CC6 tyre is a very popular tyre selection for Perodua Axia and Myvi owners. In other words, many Perodua Axia owner trust the quality and ability of Continental CC6 tyre.

As a reference info, Continental is a very advance tyre manufacturer in the world. Generally, Continental is a reputable car tyre manufacturer which has supplied the car tyre worldwide. This is because Continental has very potential and intelligent R&D team. Additionally, the tyre manufacturing technology and tyre production line in Continental tyre factories are very advance. As a result, Continental is capable to supply the car tyre which can fulfill the requirement of the car owner and road condition. Besides, the Continental is supplying the car tyre for common passenger car in Malaysia with affordable cost. Hence, Perodua Axia owner like Continental tyre because the tyre price is cheap and reasonable when considering the tyre quality.

Generally, Contiental CC6 tyre is having the design, tread and feature for enhancing the comfort ride. This is because Continental CC6 tyre has a special tyre groove and tread for noise reduction. In other words, CC6 tyre groove can reduce the noise generation when the tyre is rotating and contacting the road surface. Furthermore, Continental CC6 tyre will has very nice tread to evacuate the water on wet surface or under the rain. Hence, the grip and performance of CC6 tyre on wet surface is very promising. Additionally, CC6 tyre has good material and additive combination to reduce vibration and bouncing effect. As a result, the passenger in the Axia which is using CC6 tyre will feel more comfortable.

How To Select Car Tyre For Axia?

Commonly, the car owner will select the car tyre for their car by considering the criteria such as:

  • Tyre brand and manufacturer
  • Car tyre category or model
  • Price and cost
  • The car tyre feature and quality

Generally, some of the Axia owner will select the tyre base on the brand and manufacturer which they trust. On the other hand, some car owner will choose the tyre base on the tyre model such as CC6 or PS3. Additionally, the price and cost of tyre changing is one of the main consideration factor. This is because some Perodua Axia owners will select the tyre if the tyre price is cheap or matching the budget. While some Axia owner who has spend more effort to understand the tyre will do the selection base on the tyre feature.

On the other hand, the car owner and car tyre shop will choose the tyre base on the rim size and specification. This is because the rim size and spec will affect the tyre selection and options. As a reference info, most of the Perodua Axia will use 14inch tyre. While the recommended tyre code for Perodua Axia is 175/65R14.

As an additional info, the tyre shop and the mechanic will provide the assisting service. Hence, the tyre shop will assist the tyre selection process if the car owner does not know which tyre is suitable. Normally, it is a practical way for tyre shop and car owner to refer the current tyre code when choosing the car tyre. 

Symptom When Perodua Axia Need Tyre Change Service

If Axia is reaching the time for tyre change, Axia and its tyre may have the symptom and problem as below:

  • Tyre is becoming thinner
  • Tread is running out or becoming flat
  • Bumb on the tyre surface
  • Grip is reducing
  • Axia start to slide easily on wet or sandy surface
  • Understeer is getting serious
  • The tyre is having big hole or deep scratch

When the tyre is having the issue as above, the tyre condition is getting bad and ready for replacement. Additionally, Axia owner should send the car for tyre condition check if feel the car is frequently sliding or understeer. Generally, the tyre shop will able to review the tyre condition and suggest the solution. As a reference info, Axia need good condition tyre to maintain the safety level on the road. Hence, Axia owner will always prefer to change the tyre if the tyre overall condition is almost reaching the limit.

Thin Tyre And The Consequences

Firstly, thin tyre will losing a lot of grip on the road surface. As a result, thin tyre will cause the car to slide easily on the wet surface especially under the rain. Furthermore, thin tyre will cause the car need longer distance to reduce speed or brake. Nevertheless, tyre which is losing grip will perform badly when the car is taking corner. In shorts, thin tyre will effect the car handling and braking performance seriously.

Secondly, thin tyre will increase the risk of several safety issue. If the Perodua Axia hit the hole, bumb or stone accidently, thin tyre may not able to withstand the impact and puncture. Hence, Perodua Axia owner will consider to replace the thin tyre as long as the tyre price is cheap and acceptable.

Get A Quotation And Axia Tyre Price List

When need a tyre change service, the Perodua Axia owner should ask for a quotation or a price list in detail. Literally, this is a useful solution to prevent any hidden cost or overcharge issue after the tyre changing process. Generally, quotation and tyre price list is able to protect the right of the car owner and also the tyre shop.

Hence, tyre shop is always happy to prepare quotation and tyre price list for Axia owner. Sometimes, the tyre shop may prepare the price list which is including the promo with cheap Perodua Axia tyre price. Thus, Axia owner will has more flexibilities to choose the tyre which is matching their selection criteria.

Services Of The Car Tyre Shop

Nowadays, the car tyre shop need to keep on improving to become more competitive. Hence, the car tyre shop will refine the services and tyre price list. Furthermore, the mechanic of the tyre shop need to be more professional by acquiring advance skill and knowledge. As a result, the tyre shop will have more chances and capabilities to survive and continue to provide professional services.

Generally, the car tyre workshop is able to provide the following service for Perodua Axia.

  • Check and review the tyre condition
  • Change Perodua Axia tyre
  • Balancing service for wheels
  • Wheel alignment service
  • Supply aftermarket alloy rim for Axia
  • Fix absorber and install new absorber

Nevertheless, the car tyre workshop will always happy to assist the Axia owner to select the car tyre. Sometimes, the car tyre workshop will offer nice and cheap Perodua Axia tyre price to convince the Axia owner. Hence, the tyre shop can gain the sell record while the Axia owner can enjoy better offer.

Tyre alignment serviec for Perodua Axia

Wheel Balancing And Alignment Services For Axia

The wheel alignment service is an effective solution to align the wheels angle by using machine and sensors. As a reference info, the wheels require proper toe, chamber and caster angle combination. This is because the toe, chamber and caster angle will directly affect the Axia handling precision and response. Furthermore, these wheels angles will also cause direct impact on the Axia car tyre and tread lifespan. Hence, the mechanic will carry on wheel alignment if Axia and its wheels have the issue as below:

  • Steering vibrate abnormally
  • Axia keep on bias to on side
  • Tyre has uneven wear and tear
  • Heavy or over-light steering response
  • Abnormal understeer or oversteer

On the other hand, the mechanic will do wheel balancing during the tyre changing process. As a reference info, wheel balancing and alignment are not the same service or process. Literally, balancing is a solution to measure the wheels weight and balance the wheels weight. As a result, the wheel and steering will become more stable and not having weird vibration. Generally, car tyre shop will offer wheel balancing service for free no matter the Perodua Axia tyre price is cheap or premium.