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Intro About Continental Tyre For Axia

The Continental tyre for Axia will help to improve the Axia handling performance. Furthermore, Continental tyre will help to make the Axia ride to become more comfort. Thus, many Axia owners are selecting Continental when their Axia need wheel maintenance service.

As a reference info, most Continental tyre shop near Gombak is supplying the tyre which is suitable for Axia. Generally, most of Perodua Axia is using either 14inch tyre or 15inch tyre. In other words, 14inch and 15inch car tyre are common tyre size in the tyre shop. So, Perodua Axia owner will get the tyre which they like easily during the tyre change session.

Recommended Continental tyre for Perodua Axia

Perodua Viva And Tyre Size

Continental tyre shop is also supplying the tyre for Perodua Viva. As a reference info, most of the Perodua Viva are suitable to use 14inch or 15inch tyre. Hence, the tyre shop will provide the service for the Viva owner to install the tyre which can fit the rim.

Myvi And The Tyre Size

Perodua Myvi is a very popular car model which Perodua has ever produce. This is because Perodua Myvi has very durable mechanical structure and parts. Hence, the durability and quality of Perodua Myvi is remarkable high. Thus, many Myvi owners are using Perodua Myvi as their daily drive car. Hence, Myvi tyre will become thin and wear in a shorter time because of high usage frequent.

As a reference info, Continental is making very nice product which is suitable for Perodua Myvi. Furthermore, Continental product is relatively more affordable. Thus, many Myvi owner like to select Continental tyre as their main tyre options. Generally, 14inch tyre is common tyre selection for Perodua Myvi.

Perodua Myvi dan kedai tayar

Perodua Alza And Tyre Size Selection

Alza is a MPV which is popular with its durability. Furthermore, Alza is a very practical MPV for small family. Thus, some family will use Alza as their daily drive family MPV.

Generally, Perodua Alza are come with either 15inch or 14inch rim. Thus, the tyre which is either 15inch and 16inch are suitable for Perodua Alza. As a reference info, Alza owner like Continental brand because Continental know how to improve the ride comfort. Furthermore, Continental is offering strong grip product on wet and dry road surface.

Cheap Tyre Shop Near Gombak

The tyre shop near Gombak is supplying the Continental car tyre for Axia, Viva, Myvi and Alza at cheaper price range. Hence, the car owner will feel lesser burden when require to change the car tyre when the tyre is thin.

Continental CC6 Tyre For Axia, Viva, Myvi And Alza

Perodua Axia, Viva, Myvi and Alza are suitable to use Continental CC6 tyre. As a reference info, Continental CC6 has the following advantages:

  • Unique groove to reduce noise
  • Tyre Tread for improving grip on wet surface
  • Comfort ride enhancement

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