Myvi 14inch Tyre Price & Perodua Axia Tyre – Car Tyre Price From RM140

Perodua Myvi 14inch tyre price and tyre change service

Reference About Myvi 14inch Tyre Price

As a reference info, Myvi 14inch tyre price is starting from RM140. Commonly, there are several tyre selections in the car tyre shop. Hence, the Myvi owner can select the Goodyear tyre. This is because the tyre shop is offering more affordable Myvi 14icnh tyre price for Goodyear tyre selection. On the other hand, Continental CC6 is also a very good choice for Perodua Myvi. This is because Continental CC6 14inch tyre price for Myvi is starting from RM150. Additionally, Continental CC6 is able to enhance the ride comfort.

Furthermore, the Myvi car owner will select Michelin PS3 because of PS3 high performance feature. In other words, Michelin PS3 14inch tyre will able to enhance the driving pleasure of Myvi. Generally, Michelin PS3 14inch tyre price for Perodua Myvi is starting from RM195.

When Myvi owner plan to change the tyre of their Myvi, feel free to contact the car tyre shop for more detail. Thus, the tyre shop will assist the Myvi owner to select the tyre and let the owner know the costing.

Perodua Axia Tyre And Size

Perodua Axia 14 inch car tyre price in kuala lumpur

Axia and Myvi has smilar rim size. This is because most of the Axia and Myvi are using the tyre with the size or tyre code which is 175/65R14.

As a reference info, Axia and Myvi are very popular hatchback in Malaysia. Literally, Axia body dimension is smaller than Myvi. Hence, Axia will has smaller engine. Thus, the overall selling price of Perodua Axia is lower when compare to Myvi. As a result, Axia is the best choice for car buyer who wish to own a car which is more affordable price.

Perodua Axia And Myvi 14inch Tyre Price

The following is the reference list for Axia and Myvi 14inch Tyre Price. As a reference info, the list below is the price for 175/65R14 tyre which is a common tyre code for Axia and Myvi.

  • Goodyear 175/65R14 (DP-D1): RM140-175
  • Continental CC6 175/65R14: RM 175 – RM195
  • Michelin PS3 175/65R14: RM195 – RM215

Perodua has equip most of the Axia and Myvi with 14 inch stock rim. Hence, the tyre which has the code 175/65R14 is the recommended tyre size for Axia and Myvi. On the other hand, some Myvi and Axia may has 15inch rim. Thus, the Myvi and Axia owner can refer with the car tyre shop if not sure which tyre size is suitable.

Perodua Myvi 14inch tyre price and Perodua Axia tyre selections

Goodyear Tyre

Myvi and Axia owners in Malaysia like Goodyear tyre. As a reference, Goodyear is a very successful and reputable tyre factory and supplier. This is because the technology of the Goodyear R&D center is very promising. Hence, Goodyear factory will able to produce good quality 14inch tyre for Myvi and Axia.

As a reference info, Goodyear DP-D1 14 inch tyre grip performance in wet surface is very good. Hence, the car driver will has more confident to control and handle the car under the rain. Furthermore, DP-D1 14inch tyre price for Myvi and Axia is very affordable. Thus, many car owners who like Goodyear tyre will select DP-D1 tyre during tyre change session.

Continental CC6 14inch Tyre For Myvi And Axia

Perodua Myvi 14inch Continental CC6 tyre price

CC6 tyre is the most popular 14inch Continental tyre. This is because Continental CC6 car tyre has a lot of advantages and useful feature. Hence, many Perodua Myvi or Axia owners love to use CC6 tyre. Additionally, Myvi and Axia owner like CC6 tyre because CC6 14inch tyre price is very reasonable. Thus, the car owner will not feel too burden to use CC6 tyre.

As a reference info, Continental CC6 tyre is very good tyre option because it has the feature to enhance ride comfort. Generally, CC6 tyre has a very nice tyre groove to reduce the noise. When the car tyre is rotating and contacting the road surface, noise will be generated. Hence, the tyre need special groove to reduce the noise generation and prevent the noise from transferring into the car. Additionally, the durability of CC6 is very long lasting. Hence, Myvi and Axia owner feel worth to select Continental CC6 tyre for their car.

Michelin PS3 Tyre

Last but not least, Michelin PS3 tyre is a very good 14inch tyre selection because of its high-performance ability. Hence, some Axia and Myvi owner will pay for Michelin PS3 tyre even though PS3 14inch tyre price is relatively higher.

Generally, Michelin PS3 tyre is popular because of its performance on the road is very promising. Firstly, PS3 tyre has asymmetric tread which is a very good tread pattern to enhance driving pleasure. This is because asymmetric tyre tread will improve the handling response and steering precision. Secondly, Michelin PS3 tyre has anti-surf feature. Hence, PS3 tyre has very good hydroplaning resistance to evacuate water on wet surface. Thus, Michelin PS3 tyre can perform very good on the road surface which is wet or under the rain. Additionally, PS3 tyre will help to shorten the braking distance. As a result, Michelin PS3 is the priority tyre choice of the car manufacturer as below:

  • Tesla
  • Mercedes
  • BMW

In other words, Tesla, Mercedes and BMW has recognized the quality and feature of PS3 tyre. Thus, these car manufacturer has selected and equipped PS3 tyre for their production car.

Symptom When Car Need Tyre Change

The car tyre will have wear and tear issue. Furthermore, the car tyre will becoming thin after a period of time. This is because the car tyre will contact with the road surface and use the resistance force to move the car. Hence, the car tyre will becoming thinner and thinner after being used for a period of time.

When the car tyre is too thin, the car tyre tread will become thin too. As a result, the car tyre will perform poorly especially on wet surface. Hence, thin tyre will cause the car to slide more easily on wet surface. Furthermore, thin tyre tread will cause the tyre to lose grip and need longer braking distance. In shorts, thin and old tyre will cause the car to become danger on the road. So, the car owner will change the thin tyre with good condition tyre.

Tyre Change Service Pack For Myvi And Axia

The tyre shop is preparing the car tyre change service pack for Perodua Myvi and Axia. Commonly, Perodua Myvi and Axia are using 14inch tyre which has the 175/65R14 tyre code. As a reference info, Axia and Myvi 14inch tyre price is ranging from RM140 to RM195. Generally, different tyre model from different tyre factory will has different tyre price. Hence, Myvi and Axia owner will able to select the service pack by referring the 14inch tyre price and preference brand.

As an additionally info, the car tyre shop will provide the following service when changing car tyre.

  • Tyre and Wheel balancing
  • Wheel alignment

Some tyre change service pack will include both the wheel alignment and balancing service. While some tyre change service will only include the wheel and tyre balancing solution. Hence, Myvi and Axia owner can check with the tyre shop for more detail about the servies.

Generally, wheel balancing is an important solution to prevent the steering and wheel to vibrate abnormally. While the wheel alignment is a repairing solution to fix the handling and steering which has the following symptom.

  • Handling bias to one side ( left or right )
  • Uneven tyre wear and tear
  • Wheel has serious vibration issue
  • Heavy steering response
  • Over understeer or serious oversteer issue
  • Abnormal steering response

** Feel free to inquiry the car tyre shop for more detail about Axia and Myvi 14inch tyre price. Additionally, the tyre shop will share more information about tyre change service which is suitable for Axia and Myvi.