Perodua Axia 14inch Tyre Price ( Continental CC6, Goodyear ) – Tyre Shop Near Gombak

Info About Perodua Axia 14inch Tyre Price

The Perodua Axia 14inch tyre price is starting from RM140 for Goodyear Dp-D1 tyre series. While Michelin PS3 14inch tyre for Perodua Axia is starting from RM185. On the other hand, Continental CC6 14inch tyre which is suitable for Perodua Axia is starting from RM150. Generally, most of the Axia ower can refer the 14inch tyre price reference list as below when plan to change tyre.

  • Goodyear 175/65R14 (DP-D1): RM140-155
  • Continental CC6 175/65R14: RM 150 – RM165
  • Michelin PS3 175/65R14: RM185 – RM195

Different tyre change service pack will include different add-on service and solution. Hence, Axia owner and car tyre shop can communicate for better understanding. Thus, the Axia owner will select a desired service pack for changing Axia tyre.

Tyre Shop Near Gombak

The car tyre shop is offering skillful and practical tyre change services for Axia owner near Gombak. When planning to change tyre, Perodua Axia owner can obtain the following service from the tyre shop.

  • Tyre supply and installation solution
  • Assisting solution for selecting tyre
  • Tyre and wheel weight balancing ( left and right )
  • Wheel alignment service

As a reference info, Axia can select the tyre from the following tyre manufacturer.

  • Continental
  • Michelin
  • Goodyear

Furthermore, Axia owner can also select car tyre from Falken, Toyo, Dunlop or Bridgestone. Generally, the car tyre shop will assist to source for the tyre which the Axia owner prefer to use. At the same time, the car tyre shop can also provide the quotation which include the infor about Axia 14inch tyre price. So, the car owner will know the cost of the tyre changing service base on the tyre which they like.

Axia and Continental CC6 Tyre

Continental CC6 tyre is having high demand from the Axia owner. This is because Continental CC6 has very nice feature for comfort ride enhancement. Furthermore, the CC6 14inch tyre price for Perodua Axia is relatively reasonable and worthy.

As a reference info, Continental CC6 tyre is famous with its noise reduction groove. In other words, CC6 tyre has the ability to transfer lesser noise into the Axia passenger cabin. As a result, the passenger will feel more comfortable when traveling in the Perodua Axia.

Goodyear DP Tyre

Perodua Axia like Goodyear DP tyre. This is because Goodyear DP 14inch tyre price which is offered for Axia is relative good or cheap. Furthermore, Goodyear DP 14inch tyre has the feature for reducing the tyre noise. At the same time, the tyre has special compound to enhance the tyre grip on wet surface. Nevertheless, Goodyear DP tyre tread has the design to reduce fuel consumption and also prolong the durability.

Tyre Size Reference For Perodua Axia

As a reference info, most of the Perodua Axia in Malaysia are having a 14inch stock rim. While the 14inch tyre code is 175/65R14.

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