Cheap Myvi Tyre From RM150 – Practical Tyre From Continental, Goodyear, Dunlop

The Options For Cheap Myvi Tyre

In Malaysia, there are many tyre options for the car user to select as an affordable and cheap Myvi tyre. Hence, Myvi has a low tyre maintenance course. This is because the Myvi user can select good and cheap Myvi tyre for daily usage. Furthermore, most of the tyre is from good tyre manufacturer such as Continental, Goodyear or Dunlop. In other words, affordable and cheap Myvi tyre does not sacrifice the feature and quality.

Generally, many tyre manufacturers and suppliers are supplying the tyre for Myvi. Hence, the Myvi owner can select the tyre base on their preference and requirement. Furthermore, most of the good tyre options for Myvi is cheap and affordable. In short, the following tyre manufacturer is making the tyre which is suitable for Myvi.

  • Continental – Check Price
  • Michelin
  • Goodyear
  • Dunlop
  • Bridgestone
  • Falkan

Besides the tyre manufacturer as above, there are more other tyre manufactures make tyre for Myvi.

Info About Myvi

Perodua Myvi is a popular and practical daily drive car in Malaysia. Hence, we can find a lot of Myvi on the road from time to time. Generally, Perodua make and supply Myvi since year 2005. Furthermore, Perodua has sold over 1 million of Myvi from year 2015 to 2020.

As for your info, the Myvi has a petrol engine. In other words, we can find either 1.0,1.3 or 1.5 engine under the Myvi engine hood. Additionally, the weight of Myvi is low. Hence, Myvi is a good car for city drive and daily drive. Thus, there are people drive Myvi to school, office, grocery store or places for daily activities.

On the other hand, the Myvi will use either 14 or 15inch rim. Besides, some Myvi owner will try to install the 16inch rim for Myvi. Hence, Myvi can use either 14”,15” or 16” tyre base on the rim size.

Why Search For Cheap Myvi Tyre?

Nowaday, the cost and price for tyre is reducing and become more affordable. Hence, it is always a good idea to select cheap Myvi Tyre. This is because cheap Myvi tyre does not mean the tyre is bad or has low quality. As for your info, Continental CC6 is one of a good tyre options for Myvi. Even though Continental CC6 is not expensive, but the overall quality is good. So, more and more car owners will prefer to use good, affordable and cheap Myvi tyre.

Continental CC6 For Myvi

Many Myvi is using Continental CC6 tyre. This is because CC6 tyre is durable and able provide enough grid. Furthermore, CC6 tyre is popular because CC6 is able to make the Myvi to become more comfort and has lesser noise.

Reference Cost or Price of CC6

  • 175/65R14: RM 150 – RM165
  • 185/60R14: RM 165 – RM175
  • 185/60R15: RM 187 – RM197
  • 185/65R15: RM 195 – RM215
  • 195/60R15: RM 200 – RM225

** Normally, the Myvi with original rim will use 175/65R14 CC6 tyre. However, feel free to communicate with the tyre specialist if wish to use the tyre with other diameter, width and profile.

Continental Tyre CC6 In KL Selangor

Goodyear Tyre For Myvi

On the other hand, Goodyear is also provide affordable and cheap Myvi tyre with good feature and quality. Hence, some Myvi owner will install the Goodyear tyre for Myvi. Generally, Goodyear is a tyre manufacturer which has a lot of advance tyre making technology. Hence, Goodyear know how to make 14” and 15” tyre which is suitable for Myvi rim.

How To Select Tyre For Myvi?

Normally, the Myvi owner can select the tyre base on the tyre size or code of the current tyre. Commonly, the current tyre of Myvi will state the tyre code on the tyre wall. On the other hand, Myvi can visit tyre shop or KedaiTayarPro to check the tyre code. Thus, the tyre specialist will assist the Myvi owner to select a suitable tyre for Myvi rim.

Upgrade Rim And Tyre For Myvi

Nowadays, many Myvi owners wish to upgrade the rim of their Myvi. Normally, Enkei, BBS and OZ Racing has rim which is suitable for Myvi. Generally, Myvi is suitable to use 15” rim. When the Myvi has better lightweight alloy rim, the Myvi can use the wider tyre with lower profile. As a result, the handling system of Myvi will become better. Thus, the driver will has more confident and more performance margin to go in and out the corner.

Contact KedaiTayar-Pro6000 to Obtain More Info About Cheap Myvi Tyre

Always remember affordable and cheap tyre does not mean select bad tyre. Hence, feel free to contact KedaiTayarPro. So, the KedaiTayarPro will try to provide the info about good and affordable tyre for Myvi.

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