Vios Tyre Price From RM165 – Affordable Tyre From Continental – Michelin – Goodyear

Intro About Vios Tyre Price

Vios tyre price is not high in Malaysia. Generally, Vios has a lot tyre options from different brand. Thus, the Vios owner can select the tyre which has affordable price and practical feature.

The vios tyre price is becoming more affordable because the manufacturing technology is becoming more advance. Hence, the tyre manufacturer can make tyre for Vios with lower cost. Additionally, the demand for the 15” and 16” tyre is increasing. This is because more and more B-segment and sedan car are on the road in Malaysia. Thus, the tyre manufacturing is lower when the tyre manufacturing can produce more tyre. Furthermore, there are more and more tyre workshop in Malaysia. When the Vios tyre change services is not a monopoly business, the Vios tyre price will reduce. As a result, the Vios owner can pay lesser Vios tyre price for better tyre options.

Vios Tyre Price In KL Selangor

The Tyre Brand Options For Vios

Generally, most of the popular tyre manufacturer in the world is making the tyre which is good for Vios. Thus, the Vios owner has a lot of tyre options. So, the Vios owner can select the tyre base on their requirement and budget. Furthermore, the Vios owner can select the tyre base on their preference tyre brand. As for the reference info, the following tyre manufacturers are making and supplying the tyre for Vios.

Why Vios Need Tyre Change Service?

Vios need tyre change service when the current tyre condition is not good. Commonly, Vios is one of the popular daily drive car in Malaysia. Hence, the usage frequent of Vios is high. This is because Vios is a comfort and practical daily drive and city drive car. When the Vios is on the road frequently, the tyre of Vios will degrade from time to time.

After the tyre reach a degrading stage where the tyre tread is thin, the Vios will need a set of tyre. This is because driving with thin tyre tread is danger. Generally, the risk to has tyre puncture problem will increase when the tyre is degrade and tyre tread is thin. Furthermore, Vios will slide easily on wet road surface when the tyre do not has good condition tread and groove.

Continental Tyre For Vios

Literally, Continental CC6 tyre is a good tyre options for Vios. This is because the vios tyre price of CC6 is reasonable and affordable. Furthermore, the Continental Tyre is popular with its noise reduction tyre groove and comfort enhancement feature. Thus, Vios is suitable to use Continental CC6 tyre.

Estimation List of Vios Tyre Price

Continental CC6

  • 175/65R14: RM 150 – RM165
  • 185/60R14: RM 165 – RM175
  • 185/60R15: RM 210 – RM220
  • 185/55R16: RM 210 – RM225



  • 175/65R14 PS3: RM185 – RM195
  • 185/60R15 XM2: RM215 – RM 225
  • 185/55R15 PS3: RM 260 – RM275

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